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These aren’t just qualities of a good candidate. They’re also the touchstones of how we do business.

Executive Talent Search

We’re known for our collaborative approach to finding exceptional talent, where our in-depth industry knowledge and genuine interest in connecting great people with great companies make for successful placements at all levels of an organization, from junior to senior executive management.

Management Consulting

We help organizations to better understand themselves. We’re your partners and consultants, conducting thorough investigative work—business and culture audits, org chart reviews (including structural definition and modification), client reviews, and competitive and market analyses—all with the goal of helping you to run your business better.

Why partner with us?

A top challenge that all hiring managers face is to find candidates that not only meet the requirements for the role, but also have those intangible qualities that will see them succeed among their peers in a new workplace. The team at Ari Agency takes the guesswork out of the hiring process, with a 4-step consultative approach designed to uncover the ins and outs of your business. Only once we’re clear on the intricacies of your organization do we set out the best recruitment approach for your organization’s particular hiring needs.

Our. Process.

The 4-Step Consultative Approach

Step 1: Discover

We quickly identify your needs by asking the right questions. Key details about work culture, office environment, management style, and corporate identity are important, because finding the right fit between a candidate and a company is crucial to our and your success.

Step 2: Plan

Our team works collaboratively to decide on the best recruitment approach for each particular search. We cover everything from candidate mapping exercises to a competitive analysis of your business. Our end-goal: To define a targeted hit-list of the most promising companies and candidates for each role.

Step 3: Recruit

Very few top candidates are actively looking for work. Successful recruiting means pounding the pavement, searching social networks, and poring through our database of prospective talent. Our intense interviewing process reveals each candidate’s true nature, and, in tandem with your feedback, allows us to quickly and effectively zero-in on the right candidate.

Step 4: Hire

Our work doesn’t stop once a candidate is hired. We wear multiple hats—from recruiter, to agent, to career counsellor—and offer support to candidates through their first few months. We also act as an intermediary between candidates and clients should any unforeseen issues arise.

Our success speaks for itself:

  • I have known and worked with Ari Agency for over 7 years. Ari is a great partner - his professionalism and integrity stand out. Ari and his team have an eye for top talent and their ability to assess fit for us has been a great asset in building award-winning digital and mass teams.

    Dave Lafond
    Dave Lafond President at Cossette
  • I’ve worked with Ari for many years. He is both an expert and passionate about his work, and always delivers a superlative level of customer service. He is a pleasure to work with.

    Patrick Doyle
    Patrick Doyle Vice-President, Partner, Liquid
  • Thank you for your help in finding our candidate. I’m very pleased with your work and partnership. I believe that everything happens for a reason: that our new candidate needed to try something or they'd never know what it was like and that made way for us to find another candidate who I think is a very strong match with what we need and what they need.

    Cheryl Matthews
    Cheryl Matthews Vice President, Digital Marketing At Investors Group
  • Ari is a rarity in the digital marketing/communications executive search field, in that he only brings forward [candidates] that are perfect fits for the roles he has been asked to fill... He operates with a high degree of integrity... and he has intimate knowledge of the digital marketing space, helping him build smart connections, and making him a truly consultative service provider.

    Kevin Roe
    Kevin Roe SVP, Digital, Edelman
  • When working with Ari Agency we immediately benefit from their digital and advertising industry knowledge. The deep relationships with talent they have cultivated over the years can’t be easily replicated.

    Vito Piazza
    Vito Piazza President, Partner at Sid Lee Toronto & Calgary
  • There are two things that I really appreciate about Ari Agency. The first is that they know the digital industry. Their recruiters are from within the digital space and they directly know the best people within it. The second is that they took the time to know the specific needs of my company. They got to know our culture, how we were structured, and what our key objectives were. They are a true pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

    Andrew Chak
    Andrew Chak Senior Director & Head of User Experience & Design at Rogers
  • "I’ve worked with Ari Agency for almost 5 years. They take the time to get to know your company, its culture, your team and your needs. Their consultative process unlocks who and what we need in a way we weren’t able to on our own. When I work with Ari and team I feel like I’m working with a partner. Their goal is to find you the right person. I never feel like I’m just getting just candidates - they present top people who fit the role and your culture. It’s this process and partnership that we trust and appreciate. In addition to sourcing Digital roles, we've expanded our relationship with Ari Agency to now include Marketing and Brand Strategy roles."

    Alex Swiech
    Alex Swiech Director, Human Resources, Jackman Reinvents

We’re fostering long-term relationships between candidates and employers, well beyond the probation period.

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