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Please take 3 minutes to take our short survey and share your experience dealing with career transition. Everyone has their unique story to tell and we want to hear from you!

Whether it was being downsized, or let go, or simply wanting to find a new purpose in your life, we want to hear your stories and possibly share some of these (anonymously of course) in some upcoming articles we’re working on.

Why are we doing this survey? In the past 10 years, our recruiting team has met with literally thousands of job seekers. We’ve found that the amazing people we meet usually fall into two major camps. The first group have just been let go, downsized, or restructured. Change has been thrust on them and they’re looking for “what’s next” and hopefully sooner rather than later. The other group is gainfully employed or working their own gig; but, they’re looking to expand their careers, especially their lives. They’re wondering how they can make a calculated career change, on their terms.

So we’re going right to the source [that’s you!] to uncover advice, tips, and inspiration that anyone going through career transition should know.

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