Re-cap: 3rd Annual UX/IXD Sheridan Coop Portfolio Event

Our 3rd Annual Student Coop Portfolio Event on February 15, 2018, gave UX/Interaction Design students from Sheridan College a chance to meet leading agencies and brands for potential summer co-op placements. In a series of “speed interviews,” 70 students had the opportunity to present their portfolios to 30 participating employers in a casual, conversational setting. It was a brisk pace of activity as the students had 15 minutes to wow a prospective employer with their work.

Many of our clients are on the forefront of digital innovation and it’s programs like Sheridan that create the next generation of talent when it comes to UX and design. So it’s a win-win bringing them together. Our clients were able to introduce their brand to a qualified pool of potential candidates in a short period of time and the students had a chance to network with Toronto’s top employers.

UX continues to be a hot sector in the job market and we’re committed to supporting the UX/Design community by hosting events like this as well as our Annual Fall UX Mixer, now in its sixth year. Employers have realized that UX and Design is a key component in presenting a seamless, postive customer experience–be it through web sites, apps, or mobile. Companies are clamouring for honed UX talent and Sheridan’s IXD Program is second to none in the market today. – Ari Aronson, Ari Agency.

Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor of Interaction Design program is an intensive four-year degree that spans design, technology and computing, and business. Students graduate with best of breed UX Design skills, a solid understanding of coding, and the business acumen to succeed in complex organizations and environments.

The Sheridan College Interaction Design Program strives to provide students with relevant applied learning opportunities that will help hone the skills needed by successful designers of the future. By providing them an opportunity to hear from and respond to valued local industry leaders, this event is a key milestone on our students’ learning journey. – Myles Bartlett, Professor, Sheridan

The employers shared that meeting and mingling with the students was a great networking experience and allowed them to see where the industry is going.

“It’s important that the industry supports and hires from the Sheridan Interaction Design program (it is only in its 5th year!). Employing and coaching these students will help Canada grow and compete at a global level in UX and digital innovation. It was amazing to see the unique set of strengths and skills each student brought to the table, and my request to all of them was to start by first showing off that great end product, and then back into the story of how they got there. It gives more time to have a productive conversation and really dig into the work in the time we had together.” – Kaye Puhlmann, cofounder and Head of Design at Storybird

“I’d advise up and coming UX designers to work on as many different projects as possible, large and small, to not only gain valuable experience, but to also find the type of UX design you enjoy working on. Working at a start up, an agency, or client side will provide vastly different experiences, expose you to different design practices, tools, and people, and help round out your UX skills.” – Adam Bacsalmasi, UX Lead, Air Canada


Thanks to all our participating employers and venue partner, Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT):




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