Sheridan’s IXD Showcase Recap 2019


Sheridan’s 2019 IXD Grad Celebration Recap.

We had a fantastic time meeting the fresh 2019 grads from Sheridan’s third graduating class of Interaction Design (IXD) and checking out their amazing work. This is the first IXD program of its kind in Ontario and boasts a 100% placement rate, with students actively recruited by companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook


Our founder Ari had this to say about this year’s showcase: 

The class of 2019 Showcase was a big success. The examples of work from each of the student projects demonstrates how much they care about people, society, the world and the environment. The work was all about solving real life problems or challenges; everything from understanding addiction, helping people overcome fears through mindfulness, making difficult conversations around death easier, and making new friends who speak different languages through problem solving, just to name a few. So many incredible ideas and talent demonstrated by how they worked through the design challenge from user research and testing to design. Impressive work and a passionate group of design thinkers poised for successful careers in the future!

Students from this program learn about: 

  • Design theory and process.

  • Visual communication and visual culture.

  • 2D and 3D design.

  • Digital media design and production.

  • Physical computing and sensors.

  • Programming a variety of devices.

  • Business practices and entrepreneurship.