Amanda CohenExecutive Recruiter

A highly connected industry vet within the advertising and production world, Amanda Cohen has 15 years experience in building and managing relationships with key clients to understand their needs and identify the ideal candidates for their projects. Her ability to scout fresh talent, coupled with her incredible network provides a good recipe for success for employers, potential employees and strategic partners. Amanda is passionate about matchmaking, which started at 13 years old when her twin brother was constantly harassing her to fix him up with her friends. After taking on that challenge, Amanda fell in love with connecting people.

For the past 11 years, she has represented the top talent of commercial directors at Suneeva – a company she helped grow from a two-person operation launched in 2005 to have ten full-time staff and two successful affiliates, Asymetric and Sequoia Content. There, Amanda established longstanding relationships with creative teams and producers in advertising agencies to produce television commercials for retail, automotive, hospitality, media, food and beverage, tourism, banks and more.

Outside of work and parenthood, Amanda is a member of the 5AM workout crowd, plays hockey, commutes on her bike, watches TED talks and is a passionate chef-in-training.

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