We’re Changing the Way We Do Content: How We’re Going To Tackle the Issues That Matter to You


We talk to a lot of people just like you. We talk about how to job hunt, discover your career passion, create the perfect team culture, or find that dream candidate. For the most part we talk to job seekers, hiring managers, and employees, and if there’s one thing everyone has in common (including us), it’s this: we all have something to say and we’re all looking to know a little bit more.

We want to explore that. We want to try and add a little more value to your lives, and even give you the chance to do the same for others. So, starting next week we’re doing something new: a whole different way of doing content here at Ari Agency.

Every month we’re going to tackle one career and work related theme. For example, one month might be all about how to manage work conflicts, or another month could be all about excelling in job interviews.

We’ll explore each monthly theme with all kinds of different content: articles, polls, interviews, Q&As and more. Are you curious who has the best employee incentives? We’ll research it and write an article about it. Do you wonder what an HR expert thinks is the best way to convey passion in a cover letter? We’ll interview one for you. Have you wondered how to ask for more money during a job interview? Send us an email, and we’ll give you an answer in our Ask Ari column.

In other words, we also want to hear from you. Not just in terms of asking us about the things that matter in your working life. But we’d also love for you to share your own experiences and insights with us and other people. So every month we’ll be asking you to do just that. Is there a list of things you think managers should do to make sure employees are happy? Tell us via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or confidential email and we’ll post the answers!

What we’re hoping to do is really tackle the topics that matter to you and us. It can be scary out there sometimes trying to manage your career or find that next job. With our monthly content themes we want to start tackling some of biggest issues we all face in our work lives and provide valuable advice that will actually help you.

We can’t wait to get started.