Ari Agency’s April Theme: Employee Retention and Happiness

Happiness in our work, not surprisingly, matters. We all want to feel like going into work is something that inspires us everyday with excitement – not dread.

Companies and Agencies are realizing more and more that keeping their employees happy is a key means of retaining top talent and doing great work. Happy and productive employees are crucial to any successful ad agency team or major corporation’s marketing department. And employees are increasingly realizing the importance and value of working in a company and culture that values and challenges them.

Which is all to say Employee Retention and Happiness is a big topic these days, one that’s becoming more important than ever.  Especially when you consider the price of losing good employees and the time, effort and cost to rehire.

That’s why we’re going to explore Happiness and Retention as April’s Ari Agency Theme of this Month. Over the next few weeks we’ll explore the issues that affect all of us in a variety of ways. We’ll highlight what companies are doing great jobs building teams, office spaces and cultures that keep employees happy and loving their work. We’ll share what you managers and executive leaders can do to make sure you’re creating a workplace environment your employees cherish. We’ll ask all you workers out there what makes you want to stay with a company instead of looking for the next chance to slip out the door.

It should be a great, informative month, focusing on a subject that we here at Ari Agency are passionate about.